justin bateman.
running coach. runner.

Why I run
What began as a way to supplement my fitness for football has become a way of life. Running is exercise, therapy, goal setting and achieving, making friends and having amazing experiences. I also like the shoes.

Why I run a long way
For years, I ran 5ks and 10ks,  the odd half marathon, and even they were painful. As I approached my 40th birthday I decided that if I didn't run a marathon then, I probably never would. I completed the Belfast marathon in 2013 and later that year my first trail ultramarathon, the Gatliff 50k. I've now run more than 10 ultras - being out on the trails with likeminded people is rewarding, satisfying, healthy and quite simply, fun.

Why I coach
I've become a running coach because I know from first-hand experience that it works. Under the guidance of a coach, my own running improved more in one year than it had in the previous 10 years. Now I want to share my knowledge and passion with people who also want to improve their times, increase their horizons and experience new things in running.

140+ parkruns (5k) and 10ks
Half marathon PB: 1.38 (Thorpe 2017)
Marathon PB: 3.34 (Kingston 2015)
50k PB: 5.59 (Chiltern Challenge 2014)
50 mile PB: 9.34 (North Downs Way 2016)
86 mile PB: 19.38 (Ridgeway Challenge 2014, 18th= place, UK Trail Championship Ultra Distance)
100 mile PB: 23.26 (Autumn 100 2016)